Tips to improve website's SEO

4 Tips to Improve your website’s SEO & why it is important?

In this era of changing technology, companies are finding new ways to evolve and surge their search presence to eventually entice the audience and turn their on-time website visitors to their potential recurring clients. However, to attain the top position in SERPs is not everyone’s cup of tea; therefore, many companies that claim to be SEO Experts are coming to the forefront and are bragging about their temporary accomplishments since SEO is a never-ending process and requires continuous efforts!

If we merely search “SEO,” then we’ll find many suggestions that may lead to companies or SEO Industry related articles. The ranking is hard and will always be; those who claim GUARANTEED RANKING might be fooling you or they may not disclose or share the exact timeline that would be required to rank your website. Nevertheless, many experienced experts in the market can rank any website irrespective of the competitive niche. As many saturated methods are often listed at the bottom even after qualifying all the noteworthy guidelines, while the irrelevant slots or sites with mixed content are ranked well in SERPs. That’s because the market is continuously changing, and demand is shifting from “DESIGN” to “DEFINE.”

It’s paramount to ponder on the guidelines that are directed by the search engine goliath, Google! As there are specific parameters where a website must comply to become Search Engine Friendly. Albeit, that doesn’t guarantee to rank but assures the likelihood of getting a better position in Search Engines. Original, plagiarism-free, and authentic content can undoubtedly help in many possible ways. It’s a great way to meet your potential client or reader since Google’s Index crawls several pages every second to find the most reliable, updated, and authentic content that may solve, guide or even direct the reader. Many small businesses are struggling to sustain their position in Google, and the only reason behind their closure would be INAPPROPRIATE or NOT-SO-MEANINGFUL CONTENT. Many companies in the past stifled, and eventually closed their doors for everyone. That’s why companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and many more. Often tend to promote their minor updates daily, which may seem quite voluminous, yet only serve basic knowledge to educate everyone. That’s how they manage to sustain the No.1 position without taking any external help (backlinking or promotions).

There is no secret or technique to attain significant places in a short span. However, big companies often rely on their content, as it’s MEANINGFUL, DETAILED, and above all, it DEFINES the value that is being shared. SEO is all about sharing information that is demanded by the requester (Us, the searchers). The reason behind no success is the lack of continuous efforts; as we refrain from things that require our originality rigorously.


It’s never too late! However, at times, there is no second chance, and Google has had given us several opportunities to improve and is still giving us ample time to fix.


A very cliché saying which has had been used periodically; yet, failed to give us the authentic glimpse of ranking. Content needs to be original, detailed and must pour some value. Otherwise, it’s easy to generate content in minutes, but that won’t be beneficial.
For Example: If you are a fitness freak and running a blog where you would like to share your views on what’s right for health when it comes to diet, then write what you think. No matter, if the content isn’t fancy. Interested readers would always find a way to reach you.Also, the length is subjective; therefore, it’s not necessary to write an article which is more of verbiage. An instance would be “ABOUT US.” Unlike big tech companies, many bloggers or entrepreneurs may not find enough information to add in their About Us section. Reason being, they cannot mention what’s not being catered. So, a length of 300-500 words would suffice!


It’s true. Most of the time, people with exemplary development skills may fail to attract the audience. UI and UX are essential, but Search Engine Optimization relies on several guidelines and factors. Although the best way to meet the right buyer/reader by complying with all the policies that Google demands, it’s a way to reach one step closer to your goal. You can all the relevant information in Google’s Starter Guide.


When it comes to SEO, it’s always best to go for quality over quantity. Backlinking might be a factor, but 10 reliable and genuine backlinks from high DA websites are better than 100 backlinks. Likewise, keeping your blog/website updated with new content must original and should not be copied as plagiarism will have adverse effects on the site’s ranking.


It’s necessary to have a mobile-friendly website to improve a site’s SEO. According to research, 58% of all searches on Google are done from a mobile device.

Even Google tends to promote Mobile-Friendly websites, and you can read their report on the Official Google Central Webmaster Blog.

Fortunately, many of us have the option to check whether a website is Mobile-Friendly or not. Visit Google’s official Mobile-Friendly Website Test Page:

Also, you will get to know whether your website is Mobile-Friendly or not. However, you’ll also get suggestions to improve it further.

Once you comply with the Google Algorithm and their updates, you don’t have to worry about your competitor or rely on external factors to grow. Link your website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console and keep on tracking the shortcomings, while working on them.  Now, we have enough reasons to ponder on Why SEO is Important and how it can hinder a business. As in the end, it’s all about DEFINING your web page to attain client/visitor(s) satisfaction!


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